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Why Partner With Us

We are very keen to serve as many as possible users of India with our GST software and services. To achieve this we strongly believe that without having an extensive sales partner or GST Partner network we can’t achieve this. A strong and dependable network of GST Partner enables us to showcase excellent quality products and services at competitive prices to end customers. Here are some of the reasons which will clearly give you the confidence to work with us:

Enrich Company Profile

SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is having 16+ year of experience in developing Taxation and Accounting based software. We can proudly say that we have 25,000 + satisfied clients from across India who believe in our software and services. We are able to make it possible because of the 250+ team of experts who work to deliver best quality product to clients. There are 100+ sales partner who represents our company in their respective cities.

Inventor of A- VAT software

In 2011 first time in India we have released the A-VAT (All India VAT) software which comprise state wise VAT modules for users. In India we are the only company who is best known for the unique concept of State wise VAT and A-VAT. There are various other competitors who are still wondering about this concept. The knowledge and expertise which we had gained from A-VAT software will be used in the development of upcoming GST software and as we are already expert in VAT software, it is very easy to convert A-VAT software into GST.

Competitive Prices

We all are working to facilitate the end users. To become a GST Partner with us you will get the GST software for your respective clients at very unbelievably competitive prices. We never compromise with the quality of the software by keeping down the prices therefor this question always come in mind that How we are going to provide upcoming GST software at unbelievably less price? There is a reason behind it that as we are working on it from the last couple of years that is why now we are all ready to convert our existing knowledge into upcoming GST software when other competitors are just thinking about it.

Great Margin

Giving quality product and service is the primary goal of our company, but at the same time we take utmost care of our business partner by providing them a great margin on their each sale. “The more you sale the more you earn” is the simple concept to be on the top in the list of GST partners. Apart from margin, we also assist our business partner with all technical assistance regarding the software.

Use FREE GSTN Network

On the another side, the GSTN will get the end user data from the GST portal. The GST portal will transfer the data directly to the GSTN. The end user can use the GSTN Free Of Cost through the GST Portal unlike the GSP-ASP system. read more
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Source of Millions of e-Filing

For any company there are some proven facts that show the level of satisfaction of clients on the company. In our case one fact is, we have a client base of 20,000+ and our software like Income Tax, tdS, Service Tax, Excise, VAT, AIR, Audit, ROC, XBRL, PF, ESI and others are used by professionals majorly by CA’s, CS’s, Advocates and all these are using our software for the e-Filing purpose for their respective clients. So if you calculate the total number of e-Filing, on the basis of each respective client then it will go into Millions of e-Filing. This figure increases in every financial year with more and more clients who trust on the accuracy of our software.Another fact,we are also listed on All Indian Government websites as a third party vendor for e-Filing because they have blind trust on the quality of our software.

Dual Purpose Software

As per current market, there are just a few companies in India who are providing an e-Filing facility with their Accounting and ERP software, but if you will analyze their software then any user will come to know that these facilities of e-Filing are not successful at all even there are almost NO USERS who are using this facility in their Accounting and ERP software. Users who are using these software of Accounting and ERP are taking third party e-Filing software for their work. So If your client is using other software for Accounting and yet want to move to our GST software then we have the solution, you can suggest our software as a primary software for your client’s e-Filing purpose and/or if your client want to use it as a supporting software then also you can use our software as a supporting software of your existing Accounting or ERP Software for e-Filing purpose.

Access of Existing Network

Becoming a partner with us you will become part of our existing user network, sales partner network. You will get a chance to interact with our team of technical experts and these interactions will help you to grow your business by comparing it to other benchmarks from our existing network.

Relevant Experience

We are having 20,000+ clients who are using our software for Millions of e-Filing therefore we have extensive and vast knowledge of all the possible facts of upcoming GST software. GST software will be a bundle of software which includes the concept of VAT, Service Tax, Excise software, thus we strongly believe that we are top of the list as we are already and successfully providing these software from last many years. In India there is no other company who has this kind of product profile and experience. Any company who will start working today on the GST software will not able to understand the deep technicalities and complexity of the upcoming GST software, but we are working on it from the last couple of years and have expertise in it.

We deeply value your interest in showcasing our products on your platforms, but as if now we are not in the mode of any operations of GST software as it is not announced from the Government side. However, we are currently working on selecting future GST Partner by reviewing their profiles. Once we will finalize the final list of GST Partners and/or when the Government will announce the implementation of GST in India, we will open the GST software for all our GST Partners. We encourage you to join us as a GST sales partner. Once we are ready for a new infusion of GST Software, we will make an announcement on our website with all relevant information.
Till then we would request you to drop your details so our teams will review your profile and get back to you for further talk. Drop box is available at right side of your screen.

2 ways to Connect with GSTN Network

There are two ways to connect with GSTN Network. The GSTN Network provides the flexibility to register all the GST tax payers through the GST portal and transfer the end data to the 3rd party GST software provided by the GSTN. Here, the end user will be charged for using GSP-ASP system.
On the another side, the GSTN will get the end user data from the GST portal. The GST portal will transfer the data directly to the GSTN. The end user FREE of cost using the GSTN through the GST Portal unlike the GSP-ASP(Application service provider) system. read more

GST Registration

The Indian government has made all the indirect taxes i.e. VAT, service tax subsumed in the Goods and service stax. It has also been mandated to register themselves in the GST portal with proper credentials demanded by the tax department. The GST has two components CGST and SGST to handle the taxes and revenue partners in business across the nation. Also, the registrations under GST will be all done online to create an instant process and additions to the database of taxpayers. However, there are some restrictions to register directly on the government portal i.e. with faults on the front. The GST is being supported with wide numbers of parties and by the business communities at large.

About Gen GST

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), is the biggest reform in India’s indirect tax structure since the economy began to become reality. We, SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. heartily welcome this tax policy by Government and are aggressively working on GST software in India. We have devoted our team of technical experts (CA, CS, and Software Developers) who knows every aspect of GST, which is going to be implemented in near future. Our Gen GST software will come with a great User Interface (UI) and yet easy to use, with all functionality, with all features like:

Platform Independent

Extended Inbuilt Help

Multi Validation

Data Synchronization

No Re-Entering of the same data

No Template Restriction

Assign the Rights

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Government Guidelines Note

ITC Match/Mismatch Report

Easily Follow Up

Comparison of the Credit

e-Payment of Taxes

Reconciliation with Online GST Portal

e-Filing will be available

Why you should register for Gen GST Software ?

As the GST regime is yet to roll out in the upcoming year, all firms are readying themselves for the GST regime. We are a renowned Taxation software development company and we have started working on the Gen GST software as well. Gen GST Registration Utility helps you access GST related tasks such as registration via provisional id easily. By registering with the Gen GST software, you will be able to build your client database effectively. After saving your data in the Gen GST Utility, you can directly upload it on Government GST portal i.e. The Gen GST Utility is loaded with features like Save data as per the Requirements, Proper Data Validation, No Session Restriction, Create Database, Save user id and password of multiple users.

What does it mean to be a partner?

In the GST Partner, you will get a chance to grow your business with the help of GST software and increase your client contact. You will get the access to interact with our core team of technical experts. We believe that a great GST Partner will help us keeping healthy competition in the market and offering a high quality product to our customers. We will be selecting GST partner by reviewing the profiles and once the GST rolls out, we will open our GST software for GST partners.

Who can register for GST partner?

Any individual business head, CA, a lawyer can register for GST partner and help in expanding the network in order to make the GST work more feasible and handy.

What do you get as a GST Partner?

With the partnership in the GST Partner, you will become an important part of our existing user network. You shall be able to interact with the technical experts which will help you in your business growth. You will get the GST software at a very good price for your clients. We are following a simple concept, "the more you sale, the more you earn".